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1st Grade

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Time Together

First graders explore the wonders of God’s creation, from butterflies and frogs to the seasons, energy, and matter.

God’s Word

Every Day

God’s Word is the most important part of the first grade curriculum, and it is incorporated into all subjects throughout the day.


High Tech

Interactive lessons and activities on Chromebooks keep students engaged in learning. While we know that pencil and paper is still crucial to learning, we want to make sure that our students are prepared for the ever-changing world of technology.

Let's Get Creative

First graders have plenty of time to explore their creative side, with weekly art and music classes.

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Mrs. Stephanie Liepert

Mrs. Liepert grew up in Freeland, Michigan, and graduated from Martin Luther College in 2011. Since then, she has taught preschool and music in Florida and Wisconsin.


She and her husband Justin were married in 2012 and have a son named Jackson and a cat named Jethro.


In her free time, she enjoys singing, playing piano, knitting, camping, and spending time with family and friends.

262-547-6740  ext 214

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