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Mount Calvary accepts enrollment year-round. Our current student body consists of around 150 students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. We also have a thriving Preschool program with around 20 children. 

As an accredited school, we offer excellent education at a cost much lower than most other private schools in the area. 

Our mission is to provide quality education centered on Christ. If you have any questions about whether Mount Calvary might be a good fit for your child, we encourage you to contact us for a tour, a conversation, and more information.



Mount Calvary holds Christian education as one of the key areas of our ministry. Because of the generous support of our church, we are able to provide Christian education at a much lower cost than most other private schools in the area.


A quick look at the cost per student:

1st year students: $1,250 per child*

2nd year non-members: $2,250 per child*

3rd year non-members: $3,250 per child*

4th year+ non-members: $4,250 per child*


*family maximum cost per year is $6,000

**additional fees include:

Technology fee: $75 per student (K–8). Maximum technology fee $150 per family.

Fall Athletic Fee: $50 per student

Winter Athletic Fee: $50 per student

Spring Athletic Fee: $25 per student

Annual Maximum: $300 per family.

Cleaning fee - $200 ($20/month)

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