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3rd Grade

Back to the Past

An in-depth study of Native American groups provides third graders with an opportunity to learn about other cultures.


This land is our land

Third graders have the opportunity to learn more about the various regions of the US with maps, hands-on projects, and food tasting.

Bottle-head bios

Research and presentation skills are emphasized as students create a bottle-head model of their chosen subject and share their biography with the class.


For his glory

In all that they do, the third graders are reminded to “do it all for the glory of God,” (1 Corinthians 10:31), who sent his Son to die for their sins.

Mrs. Bonnie Scheibe

Mrs. Scheibe has been serving at Mount Calvary since 2010 and is excited to share her love for Christ with her students. She most looks forward to sharing God’s Word with her students during Christ Light lessons and religion classes.


When not teaching, she is enthusiastic about coaching various sports at Mount Calvary. In her spare time she enjoys scrap-booking, camping, and being active.

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