4th Grade

Relative history

As they study world history, fourth grade students create a living museum to teach the other grades—and their parents—about the ancient world.


Getting into Science

From hands-on experiments to class trips that put our students right in the action, our fourth graders learn science in engaging ways.

Fun or Educational

Why choose? Our students have a great time learning everything from God's Word to math, English, and more. Our students have fun learning, with the test scores to prove it.


Mr. Rixe

Mr. Rixe taught in China for two years before returning to the US to teach in West Salem, Wisconsin. He came to Mount Calvary in 2019, and he couldn’t be more excited to share the wonders of God’s creation with students through his classes.


He enjoys sports, hunting, and spending time with his wife. Mr. Rixe also serves as our Athletic Director.