About Us

Who are we?

Mount Calvary Lutheran is a preschool and K–8 elementary school. Our students are children of God who never stop learning and growing in their walk of faith. Our teachers have a passion for sharing Jesus and a love for education. Mount Calvary is the kind of school where the eighth graders give      high-fives to the kindergartners and actually mean it. With school-wide events including weekly chapel, cardinal mixers, and pep rallies, everyone gets to know everyone, and students genuinely care for one another.

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What do we believe?

We are Bible-believing Christians who adhere to the truth of God's Word. Each day it is our privilege to share that truth with our students. Through daily devotions, lessons, and Bible readings, children learn about their Savior, Jesus, who lived a perfect life and died on the cross to take away their sins. It is our prayer that this early foundation in God's Word will provide the basis for a lifelong faith.